Lingjia Tang

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Michael Laurenzano successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Dr Laurenzano!

Will be co-chairing CGO 2017!

Check out the DjiNN video on youtube

Come to the Sirius Tutorial at ASPLOS ’15!

Sirius: An Open End-to-End Voice and Vision Personal Assistant and Its Implications for Future Warehouse Scale Computers” is accepted for ASPLOS ’15!

Mike and Yunqi did a fantastic job presenting at MICRO ’14.

Adrenaline: Pinpointing and Reining in Tail Queries with Quick Voltage Boosting” and “Octopus-Man: QoS-Driven Task Management for Heterogeneous Multicore in Warehouse Scale Computers” are accepted at HPCA ’15!

Protean Code: Achieving Near-Free Online Code Transformations for Warehouse Scale Computers” and “SMiTe: Precise QoS Prediction on Real System SMT Processors to Improve Utilization in Warehouse Scale Computers” are accepted at MICRO ’14!

Check out our short video on Protean Code.

PC co-chair of IISWC ’14.

The Register reports our work published at HPCA ’13 (also covered in ACM tech news):Link

Will join Google Mountain View as visiting faculty this summer!

Both “Bubble-PiPo” and “Heterogeneity in “Homogeneous” Warehouse-Scale Computers” accepted for ISCA ’13!

“ReQoS: Reactive Static/Dynamic Compilation for QoS in Warehouse Scale Computers” accepted for ASPLOS ’13!

CGO’12 paper “Compiling For Niceness: Mitigating Contention for QoS in Warehouse Scale Computers” won best paper award !!

ISCA’11 paper “The Impact of Memory Subsystem Resource Sharing on Datacenter Applications” selected as one of Excellent Papers for 2011 by Google! Check out theGoogle Research blog post and detailed description .

Bubble-Up paper selected for IEEE MICRO Top Picks 2012!

Recent Paper selected as “Spotlight Feature” of IEEE Computer Architecture Letter! Also selected as HPCA 2012 “Best Papers from Computer Architecture Letters!”